What’s the best way to dry my hair?

The one question no one seems to ask is “what’s the best way to dry my hair?”. After all, it might seem like the most mundane thing to do. But if done wrong it can affect the quality of your hair.

And most people get this wrong. Let me take a guess. More often than not this is how you dry your hair. 

If you’re running late, you take a blow dryer and nuke up the moisture and bring your hair to a crisp.  If you have time in your hands, you probably let it air dry it out or wrap it around a towel. 

Both are wrong. So what is the right way to dry your hair? Questions about drying your hair? And want to know the best ways to dry my hair? 

I’ve covered an entire article on how to dry your hair. The best techniques to dry hair without damaging your hair! 

So let’s find out! 

What is the best way to dry hair?

Air Drying Hair

One of the most popular ways to dry one’s hair is by drying it out naturally. But is this the best way? Recent research has suggested that drying your hair out naturally is not the best way. 

Let’s find out why. 

Whats the best way to dry my hair

Let’s lay it out here. The more the water stays in your hair, the worse it is for your hair. Water slowly damages your hair by breaking down the natural proteins in your hair. It breaks down the strength of your hair and the scalp and leads to hair fall. 

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This is why letting your hair sit on your head is never a good idea. Your hair gets damp, sticky and overall uncomfortable. 

Its the easiest way. Most women are on the move after their hair bath. They need to go out to work or a party and they can’t spend idle time drying out their hair. Because it’s convenient to air dry while they are doing something, air drying is popular. 

But there’s a way which will get you ready much faster and quicker, which we’ll get to soon. Before that, here are some mistakes to avoid while air drying your hair.

  • Do not use a towel vigorously. Instead just dab your hair with it. Aggressive towel drying can lead to frizz and tangles.
  • Do not run your fingers through your hair or use a comb while it air dries.
  • Don’t forget to use products like a conditioning gel or hair cream to reduce frizz.
  • Don’t shower before bed if you plan to air dry your hair. Wet hair can get caught in the fibers of your pillow case, leading to tangles. The friction doesn’t help either.

Blow Drying Hair

Blow drying hair is one of the worst things that one can do to their hair. Heat is never good in most circumstances. Artificial heat that is so close to the scalp, that almost scalds your skin can never be good. 

Have you ever tried directing the blow drying heat towards your skin? You can’t bear it after a few seconds. It’s very hot. It’s the same thing with our scalp and hair. Just because you can’t feel it as strongly on your scalp, it doesn’t mean you aren’t causing damage. 

Towel Drying

The answer to the question is here. The best way to dry your hair is to actually towel dry it. You know how you roll up a towel around your hair and walk around and do your thing? That’s a good first step. It may not be the most effective because it takes a long time.

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But it still is the best way. For people who are worried if your towel drying technique will make your hair frizzy, then you can move to a microfiber cloth or you can go with a different technique. 

best way to dry hair after shower

Best Way To Dry Hair With Towel

  1. Do not be rough with your hair. I see a lot of my friends who go to town on their hair and are super rough with it. What you need to do is to absorb the water from your hair and squeeze it out as effectively as possible. 
  2. Use a microfiber cloth that reduces frizzy hair.
  3. Use multiple towels if required to make the absorption time much quicker. A single towel can only take so much water at once. 

Plop Curly Textured Hair

Now you know the best way to dry your hair out the best way. But is it the right way for your hair texture too?

If you’ve got kinky or Afro-textured locks (type-3 and type-4 curls), I suggest you try plopping your hair instead. It’s the healthiest way to dry curly hair.

Let’s list down the steps to drying your hair out using the plop method.

how to dry your hair without making it frizzy

Immediately after you get out of the shower, try to squeeze out the excess water in your hair by just crumpling the hair. This will take most of the water out. 

  • Once you are out of the bathroom. Apply a generours amount of hair product for moisture. This can be either be a leave-in conditioner or oil. For type-4 hair I suggest following the LOC method.
  • In this method you first apply leave-in conditioner, then oil, and then cream at the last.
  • Next take a soft, old t-shirt from your wardrobe and put in on a table.
  • Lean over the t-shirt and plop your hair down on it. Cover your hair with the ends of the t-shirt.
  • Now wrap portions of your hair with the t-shirt and give it a squeeze.
  • Use the sleeves of the t-shirt to tie it to your hair and ensure to run other errands. 
  • Wait for your hair to dry overnight. Or you can leave it on for 20 minutes-2 hours and then take a blow dryer and gently blow dry your hair for not more than 3 to 4 minutes in the lowest possible heat. 
  • Your hair is dry and ready to be styled. 
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After your hair is dried, you can always apply some of your favourite hair products to reduce the frizziness of your hair. 

As you can see the best techniques to dry your hair out is natural. You don’t need a blow dryer or you don’t need to use a comb to straighten your hair. You just need a soft towel and some time!