Vitamin A For Hair Loss 2022 | Uses, Benefits, Supplements And More

Vitamin A has a myriad of effects on your body. Including them in your food habits can save you from those desperate Google searches asking for a health fix! 

Your hair is in need of nutrients and we are here to take you through how Vitamin A can nourish your hair to bring evident results.

So what does Vitamin do for the hair?And how does one use vitamin A for hair growth and thickness. read on to know more!

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Vitamin A For Hair 2021

The benefits of Vitamin A for the hair can be varied and hard to find given the various other implications it can have for the rest of your body.

The amount of Vitamin A from one person to another can differ based on your bodily needs.

Deficiency in Vitamin A can end up causing some serious impacts on your scalp, introducing dandruff and scaly skin.  Here are some natural sources that are rich in Vitamin A that will help nourish your hair.

Sources Of Vitamin A For Hair

vitamin a for hair

 Eggs for hair

Eating eggs on a regular basis can help boost Vitamin A in your body which in turn will work wonders on your hair.

Taking it as part of your diet and externally can help. Applying the yolk on your hair can smoothen the texture and strengthen your roots. 


If you have damaged hair, mix the yolk and some aloe vera and mask your hair with the mixture. Wash it off when dry. 

Green vegetables for hair

Leafy vegetables have a powerful impact on your hair growth. While vegetables are rich in Vitamin A, they improve the volume of your hair when included in your regular diet. It regulates the sebum flow from the scalp and evades itching and the presence of dandruff. 


Making a tasty salad with lettuce mixed with olive oil and sprinkles of salt and pepper will be a yummy meal. 

Milk for hair

 Milk contains nutrients that constitute the strength of the cells in your body. So drinking milk can make a big difference in the thickness of your hair. Glutamine in the milk helps stimulate the follicle which enables hair growth.  

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Drinking milk every night before you go to bed can help you sleep better and will also favor the health of your hair. 

Cereals for hair

Having cereal for breakfast can seem like such a normal thing but you are contributing to nourishing your hair every morning! The nutrients and fibre in the cereal will help nourish the roots and give you gorgeous hair. It is a double benefit since you are eating it with milk which is also rich in Vitamin A.


While choosing breakfast cereals, make sure to choose the one with the most fibre.


While Vitamin A is vital for the growth of your hair, taking in more than required can cause hair to fall out. So knowing the right amount of Vitamin A in the diet is necessary. 

Vitamin A Hair Products

Hair Treatment Serum by Bali Secret with Vitamin A

This serum is a perfect blend of argan oil, macadamia nut oils, and avocado. The vitamin A formula in the serum smoothes strands and makes the hair look shiny and glossy. It treats curly, think and straight hair

Directions to use

No need to wait before rinsing it off. The serum can be applied and rinsed off quickly. 

Hairfinity Botanical Vitamin A Hair Oil

This chemical-free botanical oil has an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces dryness in the scalp and improves hair growth.

  • It consists of a blend of 100% naturally derived ingredients and a wide range of essential oils.
  • The natural oils delve deep into the scalp nourishing the roots and evading them from breakage and hair loss.
  • Both men and women have the best results after using this serum rich in Vitamin A. 

Directions to use

Massage the scalp with serum for several minutes. The serum will strengthen the follicles to thicken and strengthen the hair. 

Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner With Vitamin A 

Washing your hair off with this shampoo-conditioner duo is sure to cause evident results. 

  • It provides deep hydration from deep within and the scalp reversion. 
  • It is mostly preferred for its treatment against baldness. Patchiness in the hair can be rectified by using this shampoo and conditioner with Vitamin A for the hair. 
  • What makes this product so trustworthy is their promise to refund your money if it does not work in your favor. 
  • It works well on color-treated hair and sensitive skin. 
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Directions to use

Use the shampoo every two days for the best results. 

The conditioner should be left on for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off. 

Design Essentials Scalp Treatment With vitamin A

This is the perfect treatment for the scalp and avoids dandruff and scaly skin. 

  • This essential oil promotes hair growth and prevents damage to the hair. This is great for all hair types. 
  • It is a relief during changing seasons as this is the most dangerous time for the growth and well being of your hair. Vitamin A should be a vital element in this process. 

Directions for use 

It comes with a nozzle which makes it even more handly. 

Using drips from the bottle while dragging it through the strands of your hair is one such option. 

Vegan Healthy Hair Growth Oil Serum With Vitamin A

Hair growth serums have always proven their effectiveness with the customers and here’s another one for you! 

  • Vegan healthy hair growth oil serum rich in Vitamin A comes in a lightweight packaging and works towards nourishing your scalp with all the necessary nutrients. 
  • It promises strength and thickness for the hair. 

Directions to use 

The serum has to be applied gently on the scalp and the strands of the hair. 

Premium Hair growth shampoo with keratin and Vitamin A

Pure biology is a brand that strives to keep your body updated with all the necessary nutrients.

  • This shampoo is one such with a blend of keratin, castor oil, coconut oil and green extracts making sure your hair absorbs the most natural elements for growth and maintenance.
  • It provides intense moisture and gloss for the hair as it works from the roots down to the tips

Directions for use

Use a minimal amount of the shampoo for the best results.

You can use the Pure biology conditioner for the finishing touch.

what does vitamin a do for the hair

Art naturals argan hair growth shampoo with Vitamin A

This shampoo works primarily against hair loss and thinning working wonders with its ingredients containing Vitamin A. 

  • It has a perfect blend of argan oil, rosemary and other ingredients to make the hair strands stronger than ever. 
  • It reduces hair fall to a great extent with its magic ingredients.
  • The scientific formula that forms the basis of the shampoo is suitable for all hair types including curly, straight and thick hair.  
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Directions for use

The amount that has to be used depends on the hair type and volume so make sure to consider that before you use the shampoo.

vitamin a for the hair

Benefits of Vitamin A for Hair

The biggest benefit of Vitamin A for hair is that this vitamin helps in the production of sebum, which is the natural oil secreted by the skin and hair.

So if you have oily scalp or hair and want to keep your tresses looking shiny, this vitamin can be super helpful to you.

If you have curly hair then vitamin A-based products can be really helpful. Curly hair is more to dryness as the scalp’s natural oils don’t get distributed through the curls well.

Over time, dry hair can get tangled easily. And this leads to breakage, split ends, brittleness and other hair issues.

Some foods which are rich in Vitamin A (like pumpkin, squash, carrots, papaya, etc.) are also rich in antioxidants called “beta-carotene”. Now these antioxidants shield hair from free radicals and environmental triggers.

They prevent premature greying of hair and stop the hair follicle from aging fast. This helps your hair stay shinier and stronger. It might also contribute to stopping hair loss.

Does Vitamin A cause hair loss?

They say too much of a good thing can also be bad. And they will be right in the case of vitamin A. There are several studies to prove that an overdose of vitamin A can cause several side effects, one of which is the onset of aloepica.

So yes, it is possible for vitamin A to cause hair loss. But by that time you’d be suffering from too many other health issues caused by vitamin A overdose that hair loss wont’s seem like a big deal.

Vitamin A can do wonders for your hair so familiarizing yourself with the sources and products can help maintain the strong texture of your hair.

We hope you will be able to keep up this diet and incorporate the products that we have listed.

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