How To Prevent Hair Breakage 2022 | Causes And Treatments

In this article, I’ve explained how to prevent hair breakage to turn your fragile, damaged strands into healthy and strong hair.

Hair breakage can be a major cause of worry. It indicates that your hair is weak and fragile.  

It happens when a piece of your strand detaches itself from the rest of the hair and falls off. 

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Although you do not lose your hair from the roots unlike hair fall, hair breakage can be stressful. 

It is a clear sign of unhealthy and fragile hair and calls for some intervention from your side. 

So I’ve listed out some tips and tricks on how to prevent hair breakage below. But before we get to the treatment, let’s first understand what hair exactly is hair breakage!

What is hair breakage?

what is hair breakage

A lot of people think that hair breakage and shedding are the same. But hair fall, up to an extent, is a natural phenomenon. 

It is only a cause of worry when you lose more than 100 strands of hair per day. 

Hair breakage is definitely not a natural phenomenon and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. 

When your hair strands start breaking off between the strands then this indicates the hair’s fragile damaged state.

Hair breakage is often accompanied by hair thinning due to keratin loss. If you notice that your hair has become thinner, you will likely experience hair breakage too. 

It is also very common among people with split ends. Your split ends tend to break off since it has individual fibers that are separated from the rest of the strand. 

Make sure to trim off your split ends regularly to avoid this issue. 

How To Prevent Hair Breakage 2021

Moisturize your hair 

hair breakage treatment

Dry hair is prone to thinning hair and breakage, and moisturizing your hair makes it strong and immune to a lot of damage-causing factors. 

So it is important to keep it hydrated by applying hair moisturizers like oils, creams, and serums. 

You should also invest in a good conditioner that provides enough hydration to your hair. 

If your hair is dry, use a hair mask or do a hair treatment once a week. 

I suggest looking out for nourishing ingredients like shea butter and Moroccan oil in your hair products. 

Target split ends

how to stop hair breakage naturally

It is important to target your split ends early and tackle them to prevent further damage to your hair. 

Split ends tend to break off from the strand and make your ends look brittle. 

If you notice split ends on your hair, trim off that part so that it doesn’t spread further. 

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You can also find a lot of hair products like a split end sealer or hair cream in the market that helps in dealing with them. 

Focus on your ends while conditioning or oiling your hair if you are prone to split ends. 

Reduce the usage of heat tools

how to stop hair breakage fast

Heat tools can directly lead to hair thinning and breakage so it is important to avoid using them regularly. 

The high temperatures break down the protein bonds in the cuticle layers on your strands, leaving hair vulnerable to damage.

You should also try to reduce the impact of the heat on your hair by using heat protectant sprays and creams. 

Also, there are alternative techniques like hair rollers or Flexi rods that you can use to style your hair instead of heat styling tools.

Use gentle hair products

shampoos for hair breakage

Did you know that some of your hair products like shampoos, conditioners, etc contain harsh chemicals?

These ingredients include sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, etc, which can damage your hair in the long run. 

Sulfates strip your tresses of moisture, leaving them dehydrated while excess silicones can cause build-up preventing nourishment from reaching your tresses.

It affects the quality of hair by making it thin and fragile. This leads to breakage and hair fall. 

So choose hair products with gentle ingredients that do not cause any negative impact on your hair. 

Use hair products correctly

how to prevent hair breakage when washing

A shampoo is meant to be used on your scalp and a conditioner is meant to be applied from your mid hair length to the ends. 

When you apply these products all over your head, it could lead to dryness and clogging of the follicles. This can also cause hair breakage by weakening the hair. 

Switch to co-wash

how to prevent hair breakage from bleach

This is meant for people with extremely dry hair or curly type 4c hair. 

If you feel like shampoo does more bad than good for you, it is time to bring changes to your hair care routine. 

A co-wash involves using a cleansing conditioner instead of a shampoo to cleanse your hair and remove impurities. 

This provides moisturization to your hair without making it squeaky, devoid-of-all-oil clean. 

Trim your hair regularly

how to prevent hair breakage and split ends

When you trim your hair regularly, it decreases the chances of developing split ends. It also makes your hair look healthy. 

It is recommended to trim your hair every two to three months but if your hair is dry and prone to split ends, you can get it done every six weeks. 

Stay away from excessive styling

how to prevent hair breakage when sleeping

Using hair extensions or styling your hair regularly can take a toll on your hair. 

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So it is best to let your hair loose and tie up your hair in hairstyles that do not cause too much pressure. 

You should also make sure to remove hair extensions and weaves after at least two to three months. 

Use silk or satin pillowcases

how to prevent hair breakage at night

Our hair can go through a lot of damage while we sleep. This is usually caused by tight updos or even the pillowcase. 

Traditional pillow covers are usually made up of fabrics like cotton or nylon that have long fibers that tangle your strands and lead to breakage. 

Opt for pillowcases made up of silk or satin materials that create a smooth surface for the hair to rest while you sleep. 

Also, silk/satin pillowcases are not very absorbent, so your hair doesn’t lose moisture when you’re sleeping on these fabrics.

What causes hair breakage?

Hair breakage can be caused by a lot of reasons. Let us explore some of the most common causes of hair breakage that could be affecting you. 

Poor Diet

Your diet has a direct impact on the quality of your hair. If you are not providing the necessary nutrients through your diet, you could experience hair breakage. 

Some of the most important nutrients for healthy hair include Omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, zinc, iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, etc. 

If you are deficient in these nutrients, you can also resort to supplements. 

There are specialized hair supplements that provide the necessary nutrients for healthy hair growth.

Over Brushing

It can be tempting to constantly brush your hair to maintain a sleek look but it takes a toll on your hair. 

Using the wrong brushes can also lead to hair breakage. If you want to detangle your hair, use a wide-toothed comb. 

Brushing your hair too much will lift the cuticles and lead to breakage. Your hair can also break due to the friction caused by over brushing. 

If you have colored or chemically treated hair, you should be careful while brushing since they are already porous and damaged.

You should refrain from brushing wet hair. Wet hair tends to be weak and fragile so you could experience some amount of breakage when you try to brush it. 

Excess Use of Hair Tools

Frequent use of hair tools can cause damage to your hair. This is especially common in people who use heat tools regularly. 

Although straighteners, blow dryers and curlers can make your hair smooth and sleek, it has serious and irreversible implications on your hair in the long run. 

Excessive exposure to heat can eliminate the natural oils on your hair and make it weak. 

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Dehydrated hair can fall and break off easily. If you are going to use heat tools, make sure to use a heat protectant spray before styling.

Your hair can also get damaged by the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun and become dehydrated. 

So it is important to protect your hair using a hat or a scarf when you go out in the sun. 

Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments like rebonding, perming, keratin treatment, hair coloring, etc involve a lot of harsh chemicals that can affect your hair. 

This makes your hair weak and fragile leading to breakage and hair fall. 

Your hair will also become frizzy and brittle in the long run. 

It is best to steer clear from these treatments but if you are going to get it done, make sure you maintain your hair well and provide enough nourishment.

Rough Towel Drying

Towel drying is not recommended for the hair. Most of us use the coarse terry cloth towel that can cause friction with the hair and lead to breakage. 

The hair shaft can also get irritated if you apply too much pressure with the towel. 

This does not mean that you have to always use a blow dryer to dry your hair. Of course, there are alternatives to the traditional towels that you use. 

You can dry your hair using a cotton T-shirt or a microfibre towel that is much more gentle on your hair. 

Tight Hairstyles

Certain hairstyles that apply too much pressure on your hair can lead to breakage. This is very common among people who regularly tie up their hair in a tight pony or bun. 

The kind of hair bands and clips you use to tie up your hair can also lead to hair breakage. 

Most of these accessories can apply unnecessary pressure on your hair and damage the hair. 

It is recommended to use silk or satin scrunchy to tie up your hair. Use hair clips that do not pull your hair. 

These are some of the most common reasons for hair breakage but it could also be caused by stress, certain health conditions, and even the hair products that you use. 

If you are worried about suffering from hair loss, I hope this article helped you get some tips on how to prevent hair breakage and keep your tresses healthy!

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