How To Add Volume To Your Hair With A Flat Iron 2022 | A Quick And Easy Guide

Who doesn’t love straight hair? But a little volume doesn’t hurt, does it? Check out this guide to know how to add volume to your hair with a flat iron. 

I use a flat iron on my tresses all the time. And not just for straightening hair, it can be used to curl and wave your locks as well.

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But all these hairstyles will fall flat (literally!) if there’s not enough bounce and volume to your tresses. 

So I’ve got this handy little guide for you to understand how to add volume to your hair with a flat iron in a few simple steps.

How To Add Volume To Your Hair With Flat Iron

Read on to know how to add volume to your hair with a flat iron if you’re straightening, waving, or curling your hair.

Styling Products You Need To Add Volume

how to add volume to hair with a flat iron

Before I begin sharing with you my trusted tips on making hair voluminous while using a flat iron, I need to let you know the products you’d require.

Yes, there are techniques to get more volume in your hair with just a brush. But using these products can make that volume last longer. 

So here goes…

  • Dry shampoo – Okay so you only need a dry shampoo if your tresses aren’t freshly washed and blow-dried. By using a volumizing dry shampoo you can remove the grease and dirt that weighs down your tresses.
  • Heat protectant spray – A lot of people use a heat protectant serum or cream. Or maybe even organic argan oil. While these are excellent for heat protection, they might make your hair a tad greasy. So I suggest using a lightweight spray instead.
  • Flat iron – Of course, you’d need your trusted flat iron. But make sure it’s not damaging and contains ionic technology. After all, frizzy and volume are so not the same thing.
  • Styling brush – A good stylish brush (preferably a round barrel brush) can uplift your hair and is especially helpful at getting volume at the crown.
  • Wide-toothed comb – I always use a wide-toothed comb to section my hair as adding volume becomes easier this way.
  • Finishing spray – If you want the volume in your tresses to last longer, I strongly recommend using a finishing spray to end your flat iron process. 

How To Add Volume While Straightening Hair With Flat Iron

Got all the stuff you need? Perfect! Here are the steps on how to add volume to your hair with a flat iron. 

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Step 1: 

The first step you need to follow is to section your hair. Use alligator clips or barrettes to section your hair in three parts at the least – the front section, the back section, and the crown. 

If you have thicker hair you might need to split your tresses into even smaller sections. 

how to straighten hair with volume on top

Step 2:

After this is done, you’ll need to spray a heat protectant all over your tresses. Remember, it doesn’t matter if your hair is greasy or bouncy if you end up damaging it with all the heat.

Besides, a heat protectant spray helps control frizz which makes hair look poofy and not voluminous in a good way. 

A pre-straightening spray also adds moisture to your locks and prevents it from getting dry and brittle.

how to add volume to short hair with a flat iron

Step 3:

Now’s the time to get your flat iron out and start straightening your hair sections. I usually start at the back as it’s easier to work from the back to the front. 

You can take a section of your hair at the back and place the flat iron as close to the roots as possible. 

Now, this step is very important. Instead of pulling it straight down, flip the flat iron plates inward and hold them in position for 2-3 seconds.

Next, slowly lift them upwards away from the scalp before pulling them down through the length of your hair. 

To make sure I get as close to the scalp as possible, I sometimes take a flat iron with smaller, floating plates (about 1-inch or less) and divide my hair into smaller sections.

Step 4:

Now repeat this step with all sections of your hair starting from the ones at the back and making your way all to the front. 

Step 5:

As you finish each section, you can start using a rat-tail comb to tease it. This will uplift your hair and add more volume.

Don’t forget to add finishing spray if you want to make this volume last. 

I always go for finishing sprays which are more flexible than the ones with a very strong hold. Flexible hairsprays allow your hair to move around just a bit and adds to the bouncy effect.  

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And you’re done! That’s how to add volume to your hair with a flat iron.

If you’re looking to add volume while you’re curling or adding waves to your tresses, read on below to know more. 

Tip: After you’re done straightening all your hair sections, you can use your fingers and run them through your hair, lifting them up. This will help add more volume.

How To Add Volume While Creating Waves and Big Curls

So till now, I was advising you on how to add volume to your hair with a flat iron if you’re straightening your hair. 

But what if you want to add waves or curls? Here’s what you need to do!

Step 1:

But here the trick is to uplift your hair while twisting your strands away from your face.

The first step is very similar to the one for straightening your hair. You need to divide your hair into multiple sections. Keep them in place using hair clips or tie up the front sections in a bun.

Step 2:

Again, this step is the same as the one for straightening your hair. You need to spray a heat protectant spray to protect your hair from damage. 

Step 3:

Now, this step is where all the difference lies! For adding volume while straightening your hair, I suggested you lift up your hair. 

Keep the hair section in between the plates of the flat iron. Twist the section lightly so that it faces moves towards the plate, away from you. 

Lift the section upwards and then go ahead twisting it. This adds volume and straightens hair. 

Step 4: 

Lastly, you need to use a finishing spray. Don’t run your fingers through your hair as this spoils the waves or curls. Instead, scrunch them together in an upwards direction.

How To Add Volume While Creating Ringlets and Small Curls

To add volume to your hair while creating tight curls using a flat iron, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Divide your hair into small, thin sections and coat them lightly with a heat protectant spray. 

Step 2:

Use a flat iron on the hair sections beginning at the back. For smaller curls or ringlets, I always choose a flat iron with floating plates and with a plate size of 1-inch or less. 

Step 3:

Place the flat iron at the roots of the hair sections and slowly rotate the iron while you’re pulling downwards.  

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But for extra volume, do not immediately start pulling the flat iron down. Rotate the iron while pulling it to the side and up and then go down the section, curling it.

This will add more volume to your curls.  

Step 4:

Finish off with a spray to hold your curls in place. Using your fingers or the end of a rat tail comb to twist your curls to increase curl definition. 

FAQs – Adding Volume to Hair with Flat Iron

How to add volume to short hair with a flat iron?

If you have short hair, you can follow the same guide to add volume while using a flat iron as I’ve given above.
Also, adding volume to short hair is easier as you can section the tresses much better. 
I suggest using a flat iron with smaller plates (less than half an inch) if you have short hair.

Do you flat iron wet or dry hair to get volume?

Unless you’re using a wet-to-dry hair straightener, you should always dry your hair first and then put a flat iron on them.
Wet hair is more prone to damage as it’s in a fragile state. So using a flat iron at this time can make it dry and frizzy. 
So it’s better to flat iron hair when it’s dry if you want good volume.

Can using heat protectant or oil leave my hair limp?

If you have oily hair then yes, using an oil-based heat protectant like argan oil can leave your tresses greasy. 
And this can make them look limp. 
So I suggest going for thermal protectants that are aerosol-based if you’re trying to add more volume to your hair. 

So that was my guide on how to add volume to your hair with a flat iron! I hoped it helped you treat your hair right and get bouncy, voluminous locks in no time.

You can use this guide to add volume to any sort of hairstyle, whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly.

All you need is your trusted flat iron and some handy styling products.  

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