Hair Wax Cause Hair Loss

Does Hair Wax Cause Hair Loss | Thinning Hair And Hair Wax Usage

Does hair wax cause hair loss and what are its side effects? Read this article to find out more the relationship between hair wax and hair damage. 

Styling products such as hair wax are indispensable to keep hair in good shape. Hair wax is also reassuring when one feels that the volume of one’s hair has recently decreased.

However, as you continue to use hair wax every day, have you ever worried that hair wax may cause thinning hair?

Hair wax like any other hair product is made of a lot of different chemicals. There is also the concern of product buildup if you use too much wax or apply it everyday. 

But will all these drawbacks lead to hair thinning and hair loss? Maybe not directly. But yes, there is a link between hair wax (or at least the excessive use of hair wax) and hair loss. 

In this article, I will explain why hair wax can cause thinning hair and how to use hair wax effectively to avoid this problem. 

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Does Hair Wax Cause Hair Loss

Although hair wax is not a direct cause of thinning hair, it is said to be a cause of thinning hair depending on how it is used. The reason for this is the deterioration of the scalp condition due to unwashed hair.

Why Hair Wax Causes Thinning Hair

If hair wax is not properly removed when shampooing, there is a risk that the wax remaining on the scalp will clog pores.

In addition, hair and scalp with hair wax are sticky, making it easy for dust and dirt to adhere to them, creating an unsanitary environment. As a result, bacteria can also easily multiply, causing itching and irritation of the scalp.

And as it can lead to clogged pores and bacterial growth, hair wax is said to have an indirect effect on thinning hair. Therefore, when using hair wax, keep in mind the correct usage described in the next chapter.

How To Use Hair Wax Without Thinning Hair

Using hair wax is not absolutely wrong, but be careful how you use it. If used correctly, it can reduce the risk of causing thinning hair, so check out how to use it well.

Avoid getting it on your scalp

hair wax side effects

Basically, hair wax should be applied avoiding the scalp. If you make it a habit to avoid getting hair wax on your scalp, you can prevent the scalp environment from deteriorating.

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If hair wax gets on the scalp, it can clog pores and cause inflammation.

Clogged pores prevent normal sebum secretion and metabolism, making it difficult for new hair to grow and increasing hair loss, leading to thinning hair.

Also, if hair wax is applied to areas where thinning hair is a concern, it will create a flat, bunched-up effect, making the thinning hair look even more noticeable. Avoid applying hair wax to areas where thinning hair is a concern.

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Rinse hair thoroughly at the end of the day

When shampooing, rinse out hair wax thoroughly. Failure to do so will lead to clogged pores and worsen the scalp environment. Be careful not to sleep with it on.

Shampooing is also important to rinse it out thoroughly. Brush your hair thoroughly before shampooing. Removing tangles from your hair will help the shampoo to lather, making it easier to remove dirt and hair wax.

It is also important to wet hair thoroughly and lather the shampoo thoroughly before use. By spreading moisture throughout the hair, the shampoo’s cleaning ingredients will reach every part of the hair.

After shampooing, rinse thoroughly so as not to leave any residue.

Use hair wax moderately

which hair wax is not harmful

You do not need to use a large amount of hair wax. Stretch a small amount in the palm of your hand and style your hair as if you were applying a thin, even coating to your hair.

Depending on your hair length and hairstyle, try a very small amount at first, about the size of a bean. If you feel it is not enough, gradually increase the amount.

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If too much is applied, it may not be removed in a single shampooing, and it may cause unwanted residue.

Give your hair a rest once in a while

Give your hair a rest by occasionally taking a day when you do not apply anything to your hair.

Styling products such as hair wax are foreign to your hair, so using them every day can cause some stress. By putting nothing on your hair, your hair can return to its natural state, free from stress.

When you use styling products on a daily basis, even if you think you remove them properly every time, there are days when you don’t. This is why it is important to take a day off to rest your hair.

Therefore, on days when you give your hair a rest, it is best to first thoroughly cleanse your hair and then take the time to apply a treatment or hair pack. It is also effective to wrap your head in a steamed towel for a few minutes during the treatment before rinsing it out.

How To Use Wax To Conceal Thinning Hair 

does hair wax cause hair damage

Well, the excess or incorrect use of hair wax might lead to hair loss. But if done right, you can actually conceal hair thinning by using this product. Here’s how. 

To make thinning hair less noticeable, the trick is to style it in an airy way to create volume throughout the hair.

First, turn your head down and dry your hair thoroughly with a hair dryer so that it stands up at the roots. Drying in this way will make your hair fluffy.

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Next, spread the hair wax well with the palm of your hand. Apply a small amount of hair wax that has been well spread between the fingers to the entire hair, focusing on the ends.

If too much is applied, it will be difficult to recover, so the key is to evenly distribute just a small amount.

Move your hands as if you are rubbing it in softly to create volume. After the entire hair has been blended with wax, style the hair to your liking.

FAQs about Hair Wax Causing Hair Loss And Thinning

How long can hair wax stay in your hair?

It depends on the shampoo you’re using and how thoroughly you’re cleansing your hair. If you’re using a sulfate-based clarifying shampoo then the hair wax will be washed off from hair in one shampoo session itself. Otherwise, it might take the use of clarifying products or rinses to remove the buildup.

Does hair gel cause hair loss?

Similar to hair wax, the gel itself isn’t the problem. If any hair product (gel, wax or pomade) forms residue on hair and scalp then it can lead to several issues. For one, it can clog hair follicles, preventing nutrition from reaching the bulbs of the follicle and preventing natural hair growth. It can also lead to dandruff or scalp infection which can contribute to hair loss. 

Which hair wax is not harmful?

Any hair wax with the least side effects, I suggest going for products without alcohol, parabens, or added perfumes in them. These do not trigger inflammation on the scalp and keep hair healthy. You can also use waxes that are easily washable so they don’t form buildup on hair. 

Final Thoughts on Hair Wax And Hair Loss

Hair wax can cause thinning hair if used incorrectly, so it is important to know how to use it correctly first.

If used properly, it can avoid causing thinning hair and can also add volume to hairstyles to make thinning hair less noticeable.

Leaving hair wax on the scalp or in the hair can cause the scalp health to deteriorate. Avoid applying too much wax, rinse it off thoroughly, and do not apply it to the scalp.

If you follow these precautions you can use hair wax (in judicious amounts) without hurting your hair health.

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