Do I Have Thin Hair? Easy Checklist To Find If Your Hair Is Thinning

Do I have thin hair? And is hair thining bad for guys? Find out if you have thinning hair or simply a fine hair texture with out expert checklist here!

April is the season of summer and the end of the school year. Before starting a new life or having fun on vacation, let’s take a look at ourselves and understand the current state of our thinning hair. 

In this series, I asked several experts in thinning hair treatment, for their knowledge on thinning hair and came up with a simple checklist to help you understand your thinning hair condition in everyday situations.

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A lot of people use hats and scarves to hide their receding hairline. But is your hair thin or simply fine in texture.

Do I Have Thin Hair

Don’t miss the “signs of thinning hair” hidden in everyday life! Here’s how you can find out if you have thinning hair.

Many people are concerned about thinning hair.

There is no clear definition, but the American Acadamey of Family Physicians defined thinning hair as “hair that grows from the hairline above the temples to the hairline below the temples. 

He further defines thinning hair as “a recession of 3 cm or more from the hairline above the temples or from the line connecting the top of the head and the left and right ears. 

In my case, when I observe a patient’s head, I see a person whose hairline is raised up, or a person in his or her thirties or later who has a receding hairline from the eyebrows to the first hairline is more than 8 cm, I consider them to have thinning hair.

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 So is there no clear definition?

Well, thinning hair is not a disease, but a person’s constitution. If a person is not aware that he/she has thinning hair, it is fine. 

Conversely, if someone says, “Hey, is my hair thinning? Is it thinning?” Then yes, it is the beginning of thinning hair for that person.

 What Makes People Realize They Have Thinning Hair?

do i have thin hair

Some people become aware when their hair falls out after shampooing, or when their hair is wet after a bath and the skin of their hair stands out. There seem to be a large number of people who become aware of thinning hair when they shampoo their hair or when the skin of their hair stands out when it is wet after a bath. 

Also, when they look at old photos, they are shocked to see how much hair they have compared to now.

 There are many people who suddenly notice in their daily lives, “What’s that?  So there are many people who suddenly realize that in their daily lives.

That’s right. Many people look in the mirror every day and don’t notice the gradual thinning of their hair. Then they suddenly become aware of it at a moment in time, and from then on, it often becomes a matter of concern.

 If it is surprisingly difficult to notice by oneself, are there any points that one should check here?

I have prepared a simple checklist. There are two types: one you can check by yourself, and the other you can have someone close to you check. You can use whichever checklist is easier for you.

Thinning Hair Checklist 

Now let’s check the degree of thinning hair.

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 It is difficult to notice the progression of thinning hair by yourself. When you notice it, it may have progressed to a certain degree. 

So, let’s use a simple checklist to objectively check the degree of thinning hair. If you find it difficult to judge by yourself, ask someone close to you to check. Depending on the degree of progression, effective countermeasures may differ.

Be careful if five or more of the following apply to you! 

Thinning Hair Checklist

  • There is a lot of hair loss on the pillow when you wake up in the morning.
  • Cannot set your hair as well as you used to
  • Your hair feels stiff when you brush it.
  • Increased amount of hair loss when shampooing
  • Wet hair looks flat after taking a bath
  • You can easily feel the rain on my skin
  • Compared to old pictures, you feel that your hair volume has decreased
  • You are concerned about excess oiliness on the scalp
  • The amount of dandruff has increased
  • People close to you, such as family members, have pointed out that your hair has thinned

Be careful if you lose 50 or more hairs when shampooing. If five or more items on the list apply to you, even if your hair is not thinning enough to worry about now, there is a possibility that it will progress in the future. Review your lifestyle and other habits.

Have someone close to you, such as a family member, check it out!

Signs of Thinning Hair Due To Male Pattern Baldness

does thin hair mean balding

When Androgenetic Alopecia or AGA (male pattern baldness) develops, there is an increase in body hair and beard, an increase in sebum production, and a harsh, sour smell coming from the scalp. 

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Since some of these changes may not be noticed by the individual, it is a good idea to have someone close to you, such as a family member or partner, check on the condition.

Be aware of the current situation and take effective care.

  • Your hair is starting to look thin.
  • Body odor is getting worse
  • Forehead or face has become oily
  • Beard or body hair is getting thicker
  • Sweating from the head is increasing
  • Yellowing of Y-shirt’s edge
  • Pillowcase has a noticeable odor or yellowing
  • I use more hair styling products than before
  • I often find loose hairs on the bathroom floor
  • There is an increase in hair loss in the bathroom drains

Final Thoughts on Hair Thinning And Loss

The condition of hair is different for each person. Check the condition of your hair and implement measures appropriate to that stage.

If you are not so concerned yet, you should continue a lifestyle that protects your hair and scalp by eating a well-balanced diet, getting good sleep, and exercising moderately.

Those who are beginning to worry about thinning hair may take steps to slow the progression of thinning hair, such as consulting a specialized clinic or hair professional, while continuing to follow a lifestyle that is good for their hair. 

Measures that suit the person’s hair problems should be found.

 So, first, we need to grasp the current situation with the checklist, and then we can take countermeasures.

If you are not aware of the situation, you cannot take any countermeasures. People who want to solve thinning hair now have a variety of ways to do so. I think you should find a solution that suits you best.

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