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  • What’s the best way to dry my hair?

    The one question no one seems to ask is “what’s the best way to dry my hair?”. After all, it might seem like the most mundane thing to do. But if done wrong it can affect the quality of your hair. And most people get this wrong. Let me take a guess. More often than […]

  • How To Choose A Hair Straightener | 5 Useful Tips

    How To Choose A Hair Straightener | 5 Useful Tips

    Knowing how to choose a hair straightener can seem menial since our perception is that all straighteners are almost the same. Let me shatter that for you!  Wanting straight hair could be on most of our minds given how elegant and sleek it looks. It is the most desirable hair type. But choosing a hair […]

  • How To Get Rid Of Head Lice 2022 | Home Remedies And Overnight Treatments

    Have you often had an itchy feeling on your scalp and to your horror spotted a few minute creatures roaming around?  Well, it seems like you’ve become a victim to the menace of these small wingless creatures – head lice! It’s important to know how to get rid of head lice, so you can save […]

  • How To Cleanse Your Scalp Buildup 2022

    We often hear of body detoxes that cleanse our internal system. But about the external buildup on our hair and scalp? How do cleanse your scalp buildup? One type of external buildup that occurs in our bodies is on the scalp, often called ‘scalp buildup’ or ‘scalp slate’.  Scalp buildup occurs normally due to various […]

  • How To Increase Melanin in Hair Naturally 2022

    People have different hair colors like black, brown, blonde, or red. But they all turn white due to drop in melanin! How to increase melanin in hair naturally to prevent early greying? Read on to know! Do you often wonder what gives your hair this colour? Do you wonder why people around the world have different […]

  • How To Oil Your Hair 2022 | Steps For Applying Oil The Right Way

    Oiling your hair has long been recommended as a solution for hair loss, dryness, and frizzy hair. But you need to learn how to oil your hair the right way to get the best results. I remember my grandmother being very insistent on oiling my hair every weekend. While this really annoyed my teenage self, […]

  • How To Get Thicker Hair Naturally 2022

    If you want to learn how to get thicker hair naturally, read to know my expert tips and home remedies for thick, long tresses! Thick hair is something that we all aspire for. You can try out so many hairstyles and updos if you have naturally thick hair.  Having thick, strong hair is also an […]

  • How To Get Rid Of Smelly Scalp 2022 | Causes, Treatments, Home Remedies

    We all know about body odor and how to fix it. But how to get rid of smelly scalp? Yes, your hair can stink too if you’re not taking care of it well.  A smelly scalp can really affect your confidence and bring down your self-esteem. Sometimes our body generates bad odor from certain areas […]

  • How To Keep Your Hair Brush And Comb Clean 2022

    Have you often had a head bath the previous night, combed your dry hair the next morning and still found it greasy? Do you then wonder why? Was it that you used too little shampoo or maybe didn’t scrub your hair properly? Well, has it ever dawned on you that the reason for this after-head […]

  • 12 Top Yoga Postures To Help In Hair Growth 2022

    Yoga postures and hair growth – two things I never imagined I’d see together.  So if you’re one of those people who haven’t heard of this before or are wondering what yoga postures have to do with hair growth, well, trust me it was very new to me as well.  I just found out about […]