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  • How To Prevent Hair Breakage 2022 | Causes And Treatments

    In this article, I’ve explained how to prevent hair breakage to turn your fragile, damaged strands into healthy and strong hair. Hair breakage can be a major cause of worry. It indicates that your hair is weak and fragile.   It happens when a piece of your strand detaches itself from the rest of the hair […]

  • How To Do Inversion Method For Hair Growth 2022

    By learning how to do the inversion method for hair growth you can get long, thick tresses in no time. Read on to know more about this technique! Who doesn’t want thick or long hair? People are always on the lookout for different ways to speed up hair growth.  There is always some new technique […]

  • How To Reduce Excess Sebum Production In Your Hair 2022

    If you want to learn how to reduce excess sebum production in your hair, read on to know some tips to control oily hair. Most of us have different hair types with different hair textures, from dry hair to oily hair, to well-moisturized hair.  But some people have excessively oily hair types. If you are […]

  • Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss 2022 | Benefits, Side Effects, Links To DHT

    Creatine is a popular supplement used to build muscles. But everyone who takes creatine has one question on their minds, “does creatine cause hair loss?” If you skim through body-building forums online you’ll see a lot of men talking about their experiences with creatine. And the bottom line seems to be that while creatine is […]

  • How To Prevent Hair Loss From Helmet 2022

    Helmets are necessary, but if you’re worried about hair health, read on to know how to prevent hair loss from helmet. A helmet is very important when you’re out on a motorcycle. But have you noticed your hair loss getting more severe after you’ve been wearing one? Yes, it’s true. When you wear a helmet, […]

  • How To Get Rid Of Head Lice 2022 | Home Remedies And Overnight Treatments

    Have you often had an itchy feeling on your scalp and to your horror spotted a few minute creatures roaming around?  Well, it seems like you’ve become a victim to the menace of these small wingless creatures – head lice! It’s important to know how to get rid of head lice, so you can save […]

  • What Happens When You Sleep With Wet Hair | Is It Bad? 7 Reasons To Never Do It

    When I was younger I was told not to go to sleep immediately after a shower. But what happens when you sleep with wet hair? Is it really bad? Read on to know. I think we all have come across this advice of not sleeping with wet hair. But is there an actual scientific reason […]

  • How Do You Use Vitamin E For Hair Growth 2022

    If you are looking for a definite way to restore hair health and give it renewed shine, then you should be looking for sources of vitamin E for hair growth! A lot of people are looking out for methods for hair growth because hair loss and hair damage has become a common problem in the […]

  • How To Choose The Right Herbal Shampoo | 7 Ingredients To Look For

    Many of us have probably had multiple trials and error attempts in the quest to find the most suitable herbal shampoo for our hair type and I’m sure that quest was hard!  Well, what if I told you that most of these shampoos aren’t actually “perfect” for your hair and can possibly cause hair damage […]

  • 7 Harmful Ingredients You Should Avoid In Shampoo 2022

    Shampoos, conditioners! All of us use these regularly for our hair health. But let me ask you a question, have you wondered what harmful ingredients lurk inside these innocent hair products? Have you ever read the ingredient list at the back of a shampoo pack?  If yes (or no), do you know what these products […]