Brazilian Loose Wave Vs Body Wave 2022 | Which To Choose

Planning to buy some Brazilian hair weaves? Which ones do you choose, Brazilian loose wave vs body wave. Find out here!

I’m not going to deny this one, but choosing between a loose wave and body wave is always a challenge. 

Do you face it too? “How do I choose the right one? Will it suit me?” are common questions I’m sure would come up in the minds of many.

Well, this article is the right read for you because it will tell you all about loose waves, body waves, and what makes them different from each other.

I’ve also added a guide on how to choose the right one and answered some of your FAQs to fill you in on some additional details!

So let’s get right into it!

What are wave or weave bundles?

Since I am going to be using the terminology “wave bundles” or “weave bundles” in the course of this article, I only thought it would be fair to tell you guys a little more about it. So here it goes.

Wave or weave bundles are hair extensions that come in bundles to be separated or used as a whole by integrating each weave set into one’s natural hair.

What is “Brazilian” Hair

Hair weaves or extensions come in different options for people to choose from – Brazilian waves, Malaysian waves, Indian waves and Peruvian waves.

But the reason why Brazilian hair is one of the most famous and most often used is because of its fine quality and because of the perfect shine it has. 

The virgin hair is cut from donors and is sold as 100% natural to give the users the most natural and realistic look as compared to artificial hair weaves. 

Since it is 100% virgin hair, the cuticles are all aligned and therefore will make it blend into one’s natural hair perfectly.

One of the best features of Brazilian hair is its versatility, which means you can dye it, style it or cut it and it will still retain its quality over time. 

Another feature of Brazilian hair is that it is not prone to tangles, getting matted or shedding as it is well moisturized and will not dry out easily. 

Therefore, with sufficient maintenance your waves will last for a long time.

What does “virgin hair” refer to?

The very name itself suggests the meaning of the term “virgin hair”. Virgin hair is hair that is 100% natural and has never been through any chemical treatments like dyeing or colouring.

Brazilian Loose Wave Vs Body Wave

Brazilian Loose Waves Explained

Brazilian Loose Wave Vs Body Wave

Loose waves are very often confused with body waves because of their similarity and therefore knowing the difference is very important.

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Loose waves form a pattern of hair that is curly. The curls are smaller in nature and the strands flow loosely and not just in one direction. 

These weave bundles are made from 100% virgin and natural human hair

Those who are on the lookout to increase hair volume and are aiming for a more natural bouncy look, then going in for the Brazilian loose wave bundles will be ideal for you!

loose body wave wig

Main features of loose waves

  • Made from 100% natural virgin hair.
  • Brazilian loose waves have more defined curls that are smaller to look at and do not flow in a single direction, but give the user a more tousled hairstyle.
  • The loose waves are curls that are tight but aren’t spaced too close, making the curls look very fluffy, but still well defined.
  • These loose wave hair bundles can be even blow dried, dyed or even cut as per the person’s hairstyle requirements, because the hair is pure and virgin hair.
  • Loose waves are more versatile as compared to body waves because the virgin hair looks more natural and lustrous with a natural sheen.
  • Shampooing of loose wave bundles will make the hair look more lustrous and smooth.
  • Since Brazilian loose waves have tighter and more defined curls, people using these types of weave bundles will find their hair looking more voluminous.
  • Since the curls are more defined they will have a longer hold as compared to the body waves.
  • Loose waves aren’t prone to shedding or getting tangled easily.

Brazilian Body Waves

body wave hair

Brazilian body waves, also often known as the ‘S’ waves get their name from the loose curl pattern that it forms, making the hair form a pattern of the letter ‘S’. 

The body waves are typically for people who like the look of curls, but also like more of a straighter finish, then getting body waves will be the perfect choice. 

It gives you the curls you’d wish for, but in a more relaxed pattern.

body wave vs straight

Main features of body waves

  • Made from 100% natural virgin hair from a donor and therefore it goes through no form of chemical treatment.
  • Body waves have lighter curls or waves which are not as defined as loose waves.
  • Since the hair strands are much closer in body waves, the hold isn’t as long lasting as loose waves and also it will have much less of a voluminous look as compared to loose waves.
  • Brazilian body waves have tighter elasticity and larger waves, which makes them more manageable and easy to maintain.
  • The versatility of Brazilian body waves makes it easier to style.
  • These waves usually follow the same directly, which doesn’t give the hair a very tousled look.
  • The versatility of the body waves will let you blow dry, dye, style, straighten, cut, braid or even wash your weaves with shampoo, without any worry of them getting ruined as they are made from 100% natural virgin hair.
  • The bounce in body waves is much lesser than loose waves because the hair extensions are placed closer to each other.
  • With frequent washes, the straighter the body waves will become, which means the waves will become less defined after each wash.
  • Brazilian body waves have a very natural and lustrous look, which make it versatile enough to blend into all hair types.
  • Body waves aren’t prone to shedding or getting tangled easily.

Body Wave Vs Loose Wave: Which Hair To Choose

difference between body wave and loose wave

The key difference between body wave and loose wave Brazilian hair is in the hair texture. If you’re buying both from a reputable hair vendor, you don’t have to worry about differences in quality. Body wave hair gives you a more voluminous look, so it’s great if your hair is thinning. Loose waves on the other hand give a “beachy” wave effect and has more movement. It’s all about the looks, as both hair quality and weight is usually the same.

FAQs – Brazilian Loose Waves Vs Body Waves

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1. Which hair type should you choose between loose waves and body waves?

Those who are looking out for a more voluminous and thicker bouncy look, then choosing loose waves will be ideal as the curls are well defined giving the hair a natural bounce and more of a volume.
If you are looking for more of a soft curls look, with lesser volume and lesser bounce, then choosing body waves will be ideal as it will give you the perfect amount of waves you desire, with sufficient lustre and shine.

2. Can you wash Brazilian hair?

Yes, you definitely can. Since Brazilian hair weaves are made from 100% virgin and natural hair, it can be washed with regular shampoo, conditioner and water.
It is important to note that washing Brazilian body waves too often will result in the waves becoming less defined and the hair getting straighter over many washes.

3. Will using Brazilian waves ruin your natural hair?

Using weaves of any kind in general will also have the risk of damaging one’s natural hair as the weaves are often integrated with one’s natural hair through braids, sew-ins or glued on to the hair. Therefore, maintaining a gap of around 3 to 4 weeks before changing weaves will give the natural hair sufficient time to recover.
Another tip while using hair extensions is to use a weave cap, so that the glue doesn’t come directly in contact with your natural hair.

5. Can Brazilian loose waves and body waves be used together?

Since Brazilian hair is very versatile, using loose waves and body waves together is definitely a possibility. If you wish to have a blend of a wavy cum curly hairstyle, then go in for the blend!

How do you test whether your Brazilian weaves are 100% virgin and natural?

Well, I am sure this question would most definitely prop up in the minds of many considering the fact that synthetic hair weaves are also made and the chances of being duped is a possibility. Well, luckily enough there are a few methods to check the difference. Check them out below.

Try the burn test. Burn a couple of hair strands. If the smell is of burning plastic then you will know that your weaves are synthetic and not natural.

Another method you could use is the cuticle check test. Since Brazilian hair is claimed to be 100% natural, then each hair strand should have cuticles. 

To test this, all you need to do is run the hair strand between your fingers downwards over the hair strand and it should feel smooth. 

Then run your fingers upwards along the hair shaft and it should feel resistant and rough. If this happens, the hair is 100% natural. 

Synthetic hair will not have any resistance when you run your fingers upwards along the hair shaft.

The final takeaway

Well, I hope this article came in handy for all those of you looking out for Brazilian hair waves and wondering which one is the right type to choose. 

Do remember that fashion and style is something you get to create, so experiment all you can and enjoy doing so!

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