5 Benefits Of Deep Conditioning With Heat 2022 | How To Deep Condition Hair

Here are the top benefits of deep conditioning with heat. Also check out how long to deep condition with heat and how to deep condition hair. 

Over the years I’m sure there are many of you out there who would frequently complain about your hair feeling under moisturized, dry and damaged, while your hair appears frizzy and brittle.

Well, having one or all of these hair issues definitely calls for a deep conditioning with heat treatment.

Deep conditioning with heat will help solve your hair problems over time and bring your lifeless hair back to life!

Now I’m sure many of you may have this question in mind – Do I have to use heat each time I deep condition? Does the heat actually make a difference?

Yes, it most definitely does! While deep conditioning will also give you good benefits, deep conditioning with heat will further enhance those benefits.

So here is everything you need to know about deep conditioning with heat!

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What does deep conditioning with heat mean?

There are many of us who often deep condition our hair. But when you use heat in the process, the effectiveness of the process increases tremendously.

Our hair often is prone to damage from many factors like usage of heat styling tools, hair dyeing and colouring, lack of moisturizing, etc. that can damage our hair to a great extent. 

Now when we deep condition our hair, the conditioner will help improve the quality of our hair (on an external level) but it will not penetrate into the strand to rejuvenate the hair from within. 

This happens because the cuticle of the hair is generally closed and will not open unless and until heat is applied over it. 

Therefore, using heat while deep conditioning the hair will help the conditioner penetrate into the hair shaft, by opening up the hair cuticle externally. 

This is how the hair gets rejuvenated and nourished from within as well as on the surface, thereby improving the quality of the hair strand on the whole

Caution: Do not overdo the heat treatment while deep conditioning because your hair will succumb to something called ‘hygral fatigue’, which causes damage to the cuticle of the hair due to excess moisture absorption and will result in the hair strand getting swollen, weak and more prone to damage.

Benefits Of Deep Conditioning With Heat

Helps nourish the hair from within, reducing damage

If you often find your hair looking dull, stand limp and lifeless, then maybe it is high time you begin with a good deep conditioning treatment using heat and make sure to make it a part of your hair care routine as well , in order to maintain the hair.

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Since the heat helps the conditioner penetrate deep into the hair strand and nourish the strand from within, while also improving the external quality of the hair strand, it helps repair and restore the hair to its original state over time. 

Therefore, the hair damage is reduced to a considerable extent; while on the other hand, hair repair takes place.

Deep conditioning with heat has an added advantage for those with colour-treated hair because colouring the hair involves the use of harsh chemicals in order to dye the hair a certain colour shade. 

During this process, the hair becomes weak and brittle and can develop split ends and break off over time. Deep conditioning with heat will help resolve this issue.

Restores hair sheen and lustre

Benefits of Deep Conditioning with Heat

I’m sure we all love the look of shiny and glossy hair as compared to dry and rough hair. 

Deep conditioning with heat will help you achieve this shiny and glossy hair and it will also make the hair feel smooth and soft in texture. 

Since deep conditioning with heat improves the external hair quality along with the internal nourishment, your hair will soon regain its natural shine.

Deep conditioning with heat will also help get rid of product buildup that has formed a film over the hair strand that can otherwise block the hair cuticles from allowing moisture to penetrate into the hair strand.

Promotes hair elasticity

Over time, our hair loses its elasticity and this makes the hair more prone to breakage and damage. 

Also, when the hair lacks elasticity, when we comb our hair, there will be friction created between the hair strands and it can cause the strands to break or become frizzy.

Therefore, deep conditioning will nourish the strand from within and promote hair strength and restore hair elasticity.

Makes the hair feel moisturized and hydrated

Dry hair is a common problem many people face and this is because the hair lacks moisture.  

Hair that is not properly moisture makes it harder to maintain and gives rise to more chances of hair damage, including split ends and brittleness.

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Deep conditioning with heat will help unlock the cuticles of the hair and allow sufficient moisture to enter, while rinsing off your hair with cold water after the heat treatment will trap in the moisture within. This will help maintain healthy hair over time.

How do you deep conditioning hair with heat?

In the past, this deep conditioning treatment was done only at parlours where they had devices called ‘Hooded hair dryers’ to aid the process.

However, doing the deep conditioning process at home was a messy affair as you’d require to use a damp towel previously soaked in warm water.

But in the present day, while the parlours still do have the hooded hair dryer deep conditioning treatments, you can simply use a thermal cap (you can refer to FAQ 1 for more information with this regard)  and complete the process at home.

The process of using a hooded hair dryer makes use of the indirect heat treatment, while using a thermal cap makes use of the direct heat treatment. These are the two methods used for deep conditioning with heat.

Usage of indirect heat

When using the indirect heat method, you will require to deep condition your hair and keep your hair covered with a heat-resistant shower cap before sitting under the hooded hair dryer for half an hour at least.

Once the deep conditioning with heat process has been completed, wash your hair with cold water.

Usage of direct heat

When using the direct heat method, you will require to deep condition your hair, while in the meantime heat up the thermal cap to its optimum heating capacity before putting it on your head and leaving it on for 20-25 minutes.

Once the deep conditioning with heat process has been completed, wash your hair with cold water.

Here are some points to remember when deep conditioning with heat:

  • Apply the deep conditioning hair mask on damp hair and not soaking wet hair.
  • Use cold water and not warm water while washing the conditioner off, because the cold water will help seal the cuticle of the hair.
  • Do not overdo the heat treatment, as it will lead to hygral fatigue of hair (refer FAQ 2 for more information).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about deep conditioning with heat:

1. What are thermal deep conditioning caps and do they work?

Have you heard of ‘Hooded hair dryers’ or ‘Bonnet hair dryers’? Well, these devices are used to blow hot air through the vents from the inside of the dome shaped bonnet in order to stimulate the deep conditioning treatment using heat.
These devices are usually used at parlours and rarely bought at home because it is expensive.
Therefore, using thermal caps, similar to the treatment of deep conditioning hooded dryers, but this cap can help you deep condition your hair with heat, at home. 
The best part of these thermal caps is that they are portable, which means you do not need to sit in one place while the cap is in use.
There are thermal caps that require electricity supply as well, so make sure to buy the portable one.

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2. For how long do you need to deep condition each time?

Each session of deep conditioning with heat will require to last for 20 to 25minutes at least, for the direct heat method and half an hour at least for the indirect heat method. This will allow the conditioner to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft.

3. Should deep conditioning with heat be done on a regular basis?

In case you have hair that is severely damaged, then deep conditioning with heat requires to be done at least two times a week. For the others who require it for hair maintenance can do it once a week or once in two weeks.

4. What hair type requires the deep conditioning with heat treatment?

Well, every hair type requires this treatment irrespective of your hair type, texture, porosity or extent of damage.

5. What are some good brands that sell deep conditioners to use for the heat treatment?

You could try out brands like Shea Moisture, Camille Rose, Eden Bodyworks, Garnier, Pantene, Quay and many more such brands.

6. Does deep conditioning with heat help hair growth?

Yes, it definitely does! When heat is applied to the hair and scalp, sufficient blood flow is stimulated and can thereby accelerate hair growth.

The final takeaway

Before I close out this article, I’d like to give you guys a gentle reminder to be aware of all the safety instructions and procedures before deep conditioning with heat.

You do not want to be subjected to any side effects of improper use.

Do try out this treatment and be on the road to well conditioned, lustrous hair sooner!

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