clarifying shampoo for black hair guide

Benefits of Clarifying Shampoo For Black Hair

Absolutely, do not choose clarifying shampoos that contain parabens or sulfates. These are substances that are not good for hair at all, they will make your hair drier, more prone to breakage.

Please check the ingredients carefully. To help you make the right choices, we’ve rounded up why you should go for these shampoos that we think will meet everyone’s diverse needs.

Review of Clarifying SHAMPOOS

Benefits of Clarifying Shampoos

Contains surfactants

In clarifying shampoos, the surfactants are more effective than other shampoos. They are substances that help blow away dirt, excess oil, and stubborn impurities from the hair. The three surfactants commonly found in clarifying shampoos are Ammonium-sodium lauryl sulfate, Chlorides or bromides, and Cetyl-fatty alcohols.

These substances are all capable of effective cleaning. Ammonium-sodium lauryl sulfate deep care, very suitable for you with oily skin or thick hair. Chlorides or bromides make hair smooth, very fit for those with curly, tangled hair. Cetyl fatty alcohol is the mildest cleanser accommodate for those with sensitive scalps, weak hair.

Brings life to hair

Every day, we have to face many factors that adversely affect our hair. It is pollution, chemicals, and so on. These things make the hair lose its “resistance” and become dry, weak, and difficult to care for.

Clarifying shampoo thanks to surfactants makes your hair from dull to full of life. So, if your hair is in dire straits, choose a Clarifying shampoo to help regenerate your hair.

Enhance hair bounce

Clarifying shampoo has extremely effective shampoo lines. You can feel the softness and bounce after just the first wash.

Because of its powerful cleansing action, it helps to remove oil impurities. The leading cause of weak hair roots and sticky hair. With specialized shampoo lines such as Clarifying shampoo. Your dream of bouncy hair will have come true.

Minimizes the growth of scalp fungus

The scalp environment, like any other environment on the body, is always a breeding ground for beneficial and harmful bacteria. Under the influence of environment and genetics, when the scalp sweats a lot, your scalp is susceptible to fungus, infection, weakening hair, and easy to fall out.

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Clarifying shampoo will bring many benefits to you. The shampoo will help you remove impurities, help your scalp clear, and fly away from the agents that can lead to scalp fungus on your scalp.

Remember, the most basic part of healthy hair is well-cleaned hair.

Not upset the natural pH balance

A hair that has lost its natural pH due to harsh cleansers will damage your scalp.

Clarifying shampoo does the job perfectly. Despite its deep cleansing action, clarifying shampoo is extremely gentle on the scalp. Clarifying shampoo does that thanks to the natural extracts of the ingredients. This, in turn, helps the shampoo to be more hydrated, better pH balanced.

Helps strengthen hair against the effects of dyeing and straightening

Clarifying shampoo helps hair to better absorb dyes and heat effects thanks to its powerful action.

In addition, clarifying shampoo will help hair color keep better and restore hair better before the impact of hair dye. Hair will be less broken during dyeing.

Protects hair from the effects of chlorine residue from hard water

Usually, the water from the shower is hard, so when you wash your hair, the chlorine residue from hard water will easily make your hair dull, making the scalp vulnerable. This is the obsession of many people.

Therefore, a clarifying shampoo will help you dislodge the bad effects of chlorine, making your hair back to its original state, strong and black hair.

Moisturizing hair

When clarifying shampoo works on your scalp, your scalp will be better cleaned from here allowing the moisturizer to be absorbed into the scalp.

Therefore, your scalp will better absorb nutrients, taking care of healthy hair from the roots. If you do not know, hair roots are a prerequisite for maintaining that smooth, moist hair.

Make hair roots strong

Clarifying shampoo can remove the accumulation of substances on the scalp, thereby opening the hair roots. Create a favorable environment for hair roots to be protected.

Thus, when you use these nutrients, your hair roots will immediately receive them. Strengthens hair roots and prevents hair loss.

How to use Clarifying Shampoos

Like any shampoo, clarifying shampoo has a similar shampooing method. However, please adjust the amount of shampoo that is right for you. And here are the steps to use with clarifying shampoo:

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Step 1: Use water at the right temperature

Before you apply shampoo, make sure your hair is wet. Many of you make the mistake of putting shampoo on your head and then rinsing it off. If you’re in the habit of doing this, congratulations. You’re getting rid of your shampoos before they even work on your hair. So, remember to rinse your hair with water and then apply shampoo.

One more point, don’t use too hot water. Hot water is peeling off the cuticle on your hair, causing your hair to fall out more and more. Use a sufficient amount of warm water, enough to open the hair pores, help the shampoo penetrate deeply, and clean the scalp. Then, rinse with cold water, this will help the pH level on the skin to be more stable.

Step 2: Lather the shampoo and apply it to the hair

There is a mistake many people make, which is to put the amount of shampoo directly on the hair without going through the foaming step. Don’t do that anymore, that makes the density of shampoo unevenly distributed, not washing clean is bringing more bad problems. And easy to waste shampoo.

When washing, avoid using your nails to rub your scalp vigorously. That only makes your scalp vulnerable, inflamed, and increasingly sensitive and irritated.

How often to use Clarifying Shampoos

The length of time to use clarifying shampoo depends on your needs. So please consider it carefully. And this is the level we divide for you:

Level 1: Constantly exposed to hard water

If you are a person who is often exposed to hair sprays and dyes. Or are you a person who is constantly in contact with the water in the pool? Or a person who regularly uses hard water to wash his hair. Then the frequency of using clarifying shampoo is regular, even daily. Because this is a hard water environment, containing a lot of chlorine, your hair is easily dull, turning copper or yellow. Please pay close attention!

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Level 2: Less exposure to hard water

If you simply have less exposure to hairspray, dye, or less exposure to hard water. Then your frequency of use should be once a week depending on the condition of your hair and scalp. If you have an oily, greasy, easily greasy scalp, you can increase the frequency of use from 2-3 times a week.

Level 3: Sensitive scalp

Although clarifying shampoo is a very good, deep cleansing shampoo for hair, it contains a lot of benefits. However, for those of you with a scalp, be really careful. Because there are some clarifying shampoos that are not right for you. Choose shampoos specifically for sensitive scalps. Thus, your scalp will be more comfortable, deeply cleansed, and soothed. The optimal usage frequency for this level is once a month.

Hair type considerations

Any scalp, texture, or hair type can use a clarifying shampoo.

If you have hair using a lot of cosmetology. Choose clarifying products containing extracts of keratin, panthenol… These substances will help strengthen your hair, deep clean, reduce breakage, reduce oil secretion.

If you want to keep your natural hair color, use clarifying shampoos containing extracts of chrysanthemum, witch hazel… Your hair will keep its color, but still, be strong, pH balanced on the hair.

If you want to reduce itching, inflammation, fungus on the scalp. Use clarifying extracts with mint and tea tree extracts. These shampoos will stop your inflammation, are gentle, and are less irritating.

If you need an exfoliating shampoo, choose to clarify shampoos that contain sugar crystals. The sugar crystals will help your skin be gently exfoliated on the skin. Helps to clean the scalp deeply and effectively control oil.

To give you an overview of using a clarifying shampoo. Let’s watch this video with us:


Thus, we have introduced to you the effective shampoo bottles for black hair. Each of your hair problems will have different shampoo bottles. Therefore, you should consider carefully when choosing shampoo.

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